Febraury, 24, 2017 – I’ve composed the album “The Sound of Inner Side” for those who practice meditation or who like inspirational and relaxing music. I’ve worked on finding harmonies that guide people to a very deep, relaxed and peaceful status of mind. All songs are recorded referring to the A note at 432 Hz that allows to reach more easily theta waves during meditation and healing techniques (Reiki, Yoga, Shiatsu, Theta Healing, etc.). For example, the tracks can be used for meditation from the first chakra to the seventh one, but you can use them as you prefer.

I’ve created this album to bring you serenity and peace of mind: It works with lively kids, giving them calmness.
Listen to it before or after work, when you need to concentrate, when you need inner peace or when you want create an intimate atmosphere! Try it! Available in all digital stores (CdBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.)!